I think my passion for the art of photography began as a result of the lack of photos of my own childhood. I get it, my parents had 9 kids, time was a precious commodity and taking photos was low on the totem pole! As a result, I treasure pictures and am always on a quest to capture the magic of life in motion. Since the moment I gave gave birth to my first child, I became the “momma-razzi” -they, unlike their mother, will have thousands of pictures to choose from for their Wedding Day Slideshow.

As a photographer, I’ve heard this over and over again: “I hate the way I look in pictures or can you photoshop me to make me look good.” As your photographer, my goal is to photograph you in a way that makes you feel as beautiful as the rest of the world sees you. We are all unique and precious and it is truly my honor and passion to capture the essence of who you are!